Sweet cherry in bulk

CHERRY, (Lat. Prunus avium). A fruit tree from the Rosaceae family of the dicots class and the fruit of this tree. Its homeland is Asia Minor.

Many varieties are grown in Turkey. There are more than a hundred forms of culture grown in the temperate regions of Europe, Asia and North America. Its body is a tree with a flat bark or a shrub. Its fruit is fleshy and single pitted, rich in vitamin C; It is also used in pastry and confectionery. The solution obtained from the stems boiled in water is used as a diuretic. A well-kept cherry tree lives for 60-70 years. It can extend between 15-30 meters.

The wood of the tree is flexible and shiny. It is used in furniture. It grows the best of breed in Turkey. Istanbul, Kocaeli Yanmca, Bursa, Isparta, Amasya, Denizli and Izmir are the regions where good quality cherries are grown. Napoleon, dalbastı, white-cherry, yakacık, Altıparmak are the most famous breeds.