Things to know about fresh fruit and vegetable exports.

First, it is necessary to register with the relevant Exporters ‘Association (in Istanbul, in the Istanbul Exporters’ Association fresh fruit and vegetables section).

It will be necessary to obtain a health certificate from the Agricultural Quarantine Directorate regarding the product.

It will be necessary to issue a control certificate from the DTS Department of the Undersecretariat of foreign trade (foreign trade standardization).

It is necessary to have a stock exchange registration declaration issued from the Istanbul Mercantile Exchange.
Aflatoxin report is also required for the export of products such as nuts, dried figs.

0701-0714 under 0801-0814 fresh vegetables and fruits with HS legislation in terms of exports to the Russian Federation previously held “health certificate” for your product instead of every party henceforth “intended for human consumption, according to Russian legal norms, targeted herbal products to be sent to the Russian Federation from the Republic of Turkey for the security certificate” would be issued, it has been reported that. You can examine the Article No. 17245 dated 10.07.2008 on the export regime of the General Directorate of Customs related to the subject.
During the export of this product, it is essential to submit a stock market registration declaration to the customs authorities.

Foreign trade information on the economic situation of the Russian country and the country’s main import/export products, as well as on-site Sunday Research, industry reports, etc. for detailed information, such as country name or sector name from the igeme link, you can use these reports section. In addition, you can access them in English by selecting the country name on the Cia link.

In addition, you can also use the practical information such as customs procedures and customs duties applicable in this country, the document required at the import stage from a country, tax rates, by typing the country name and product code – harmonized code from the exporter’s Guide to import Formalities section on the link to Europe and Customs.

On your visit you spend for marketing due to exports of vegetables and fruits due to following the link for information about state aid and subsidies and incentives Kosgeb, agricultural or capital to examine the links here for support, state enterprises and exporters regarding state aid contributed to IGEM after you review the site, I’d recommend you speak with the relevant units near you.

By the way, I would like to remind you that there are reports in the media that banks in Russia are in a difficult situation, as in many countries due to the global crisis that occurred towards the end of the previous year. For this reason, before you start exporting (at the contract stage), you can offer an advance payment form, which is the most advantageous payment from the seller’s point of view from the buyer you will export. In order to get detailed information about the payment methods that are important to you, you can meet with expert officials/directors in the foreign trade departments of the bank where you work.

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