Strawberries in bulk

It is a fragrant, pink-colored fruit. It is eaten raw, as well as jam and marmalade.

Strawberry, which is a family of roses, is an annual, herbaceous plant. The thin appendages that come out at the bottom of the leaves are the topsoil creeping stems of the strawberry. Additional roots emerge from the parts of them that touch the soil from the knuckles. In summer, the above-ground parts dry out, and the Under-Ground body also lives in winter. When spring comes, the long and creeping above-ground stems come out again. White, small flowers bloom.

Strawberry fruit”flower table” consists of filling with a sugary and juicy nutrient. What we eat is false fruit. The actual fruit is small kernels that look like black dots on the strawberry.

There are many varieties of strawberries, large and small, fragrant, odorless, wild or specially grown. “Mountain strawberry” is small, but fragrant. “Frankish strawberry”, on the other hand, is dark red, close to a medium-sized walnut, but does not smell much, the taste is also piquant. The best breed is “Ottoman strawberry”. Grown in Istanbul, this strawberry is both fragrant and red. After that comes” Ereğli strawberry”. Strawberries of this breed are harder, redder. The breed called” Arnavutköy strawberry ” is also considered one of the strawberries. It’s fragrant and juicy.

Strawberry is a very delicate plant, it deteriorates quickly from rain, it grows well in arid places, clay, sandy, red soils. It is produced by steel.

Wild strawberries have been known in Europe since ancient times. But the cultivation and breeding of this strawberry is only XVI. coincides with the end of the century. However, the best strawberries are grown in our hometown.

Strawberry-90% water, 6% sugar, 3% cellulose and fats, 1% protein made up of substances. 100 gr. Strawberry has 41 calories.

The main feature of strawberry is that it can be eaten fearlessly by diabetics. But those with stones and sand in their kidneys are advised not to eat large amounts of strawberries.

Strawberry also has plenty of vitamins A, bi, B2, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, sodium and iron.