Pomegranates in bulk in Premium Group

Many say that the pomegranate, or rather its juice, is a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a very healthy fruit. Pomegranate is rich in potassium,  sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium and manganese. Interestingly, the skins of the fruit can also be useful because they have healing properties. They make infusions, dysentery, powders for relieving signs of colds, decoctions, stomatitis and sore throats. And you will never confuse the taste of pomegranate with anything. Thanks to all the facts, it becomes clear why such a fruit is in great demand among buyers around the world. And we are the ones who sell pomegranates in bulk. So now you know where you can buy it.

What do we offer?

Our company sells only the best varieties of Pomegranate. And each fruit has the best quality indicators. We offer varieties such us Wonderful or Hicaz.


Fruit size: 75-95 mm. Fruit weight: 250-300 g. Season: from the end of September to December. Medium-sized fruit. It’s redder than Hicaz (will be next). Wonderful is very red inside. It has juicy flesh and soft bones. Can be transported for 15-20 days. Shelf life – about 20 days.


Fruit size: 95-115 mm. Fruit weight: 250-450 g. Season: from October to March. Hicaz is bigger than Wonderful and a little tighter. Can be transported for 10-15 days. Shelf life – up to 20 days.

Both varieties are well suited for eating, as well as for making juice. Well preserved on the road and on the shelves.

About us in a short

We are Premium group. We do our best every day to ensure that all our customers receive only the good quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our story began in 2017 and we are still one of the best companies in many countries. We can offer for every client the best wholesale pomegranate price and the best service. We’ve been doing this for 6 years in a row.

Our list already includes many partner countries with whom we trade. Our buyers are from Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro, Dubai, Macedonia, Holland, and this list is updated very often.

Why turkish fruits

Do you know why Turkish fruits have the best color and taste? Because the climate helps to grow them. There are a lot of sunny days and suitable humidity for growing here. The sun and air provide the necessary energy for the growth of trees. And all the workers in the fields take care of the plants and water them several times a day. This ultimately allows us to grow the perfect fruit, which we are happy to sell.

How we do this

The process of how we do it’s quite simple. After harvesting all fruits are sent to the factory. Here we select defective fruits and pack the best under our brand. After that, the buyer only needs to contact us and receive their goods. We have many partners who are engaged in the transportation and delivery of goods at the best prices and in a short time. And in the end many customers are grateful to us and cooperate with us constantly. We love our customers and do everything to make them happy. Thank you and we will be glad to cooperate with you.

So if you want to buy pomegranates in bulk or if you have any questions – contact us or get acquainted with the price list.