Peaches in bulk

Peach, (Lat. Prunus persica), a tree grown for its fruit from the Rosaceae family and the fruit of this tree. Its homeland is Asia, especially China.

Today it is grown almost everywhere in the world. There are various forms of culture. Tree can grow up to 8 meters. It sheds its leaves in winter. The leaves are simple, toothed, spear or elliptical in shape. Its flowers are pink in color. Bursa in Turkey, including in particular Malatya, Amasya, Samsun, Kastamonu and grown in Edirne.

The fruit, which is of great economic value, is pitted, sweet, juicy and delicious. It is very rich in vitamin A. It is consumed fresh because it is a perishable fruit. It is also used in making fruit juice, jam, marmalade and compote. Peaches are divided into two as those with skin and hairless ones. The flesh of the furry peach is white, yellow or red. The core of some is stuck to the meat. The peach that is not attached to the meat is called patch peach and is more liked.