Oranges in bulk in Premium Group

Do you know that oranges rank first in the world in terms of weight harvested annually and it is the most common citrus in the world? Or maybe you know that Oranges are rich in vitamins? Fructose and glucose, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, fiber, citric acid, essential oils. Orange contains a huge amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, PP and most importantly vitamin C. Therefore, it’s time to think about buying oranges in bulk, because there is always a demand for them. So we are the team Premium group and will help you in buying the best varieties of oranges.

What does the Premium group company offer?

You need to know that we can offer you only fresh oranges in bulk, which have the best quality in the market. So read some information about  varieties we can offer.


This sort is the result of a natural mutation in Brazil. In 1945 it was brought to Antalya from California. Juiciness: 46%. Fruit size: 80-120 mm. Fruit weight: 150-300 g. Season: from December to February. The peel is dark orange, slightly rough, medium thickness. The fruits are round or almost round. Washington is yellower than Navalina and a little more sour. This is one of the most delicious standard varieties of our country. It is suitable for storage and transportation.


This variety of California origin originated in the 1910s from the Washington sort. Its tree is smaller but matures earlier. Juiciness: 43%. Fruit size: 80-120 mm. Fruit weight: 200-280 g. Season: from the 15 th of October to January. The fruits are slightly smaller and oval and more red than the first sort. Navelina has smoother skin and is sweeter than Washington. Can be transported for 10-15 days. Shelf life – 10-15 days.

cara Cara

Juiciness: 40%. Fruit size: 70-110 mm. Fruit weight: 150-250 g. Season: from December to January. It is also good for storage and transportation. Its peel is redder than Washington. A distinctive feature is that the flesh is red color.


This one is from Spain. It was founded in 1860. Its trees are medium sized. The fruits are rounded, the skin is slightly rough, of medium thickness. Juiciness: 46%. Fruit size: 70-120 mm. Fruit weight: 170-280 g. Season: from 15th of January  to March. This variety is good for eating but better for making juice. The skin is smooth and it’s smaller than Washington.

About us in a short

Premium group – is the best way to buy oranges in bulk for the best quality. If you want to do it, you can write online or call us. We can also offer you nectarines, tomatoes, pomegranates, apricots, cucumbers, grapes, peppers and more.

We have been doing our best since 2017. This is the birth year of our company. More than 6 years of work is enough to know how everything works, so we can offer for every client the best wholesale oranges price and the best service. We have buyers from all over the world. The list of countries is very large. Our buyers are from Romania, Dubai, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Holland, Macedonia and other countries. All fruits and vegetables have the best quality because the Turkish climate has a lot of sunny days and suitable humidity for growing fruits. All trees are under the strictest control and waters several times a day. You can be sure Turkish fruits have the best taste.

How we do it?

It’s very simple. All fruits from the organic garden are sent to the factory. At the factory we select only the best of them and pack it under our own brand. Then we ship products to suppliers. We can find and advise you reliable delivery companies.

You need to know that we value every client and make the best offer on the market for buying vegetables and fruits.

If you have any questions – contact us or get acquainted with the cooperate soon price list. Hope to cooperate soon.