Nectarines in bulk

This peach-like, hairless fruit obtained by grafting plum into peach tree is darker and sweeter than peach. It is a rich, fibrous, lean and juicy fruit rich in vitamin C. It has about 150 types. The growing conditions are very similar to that of its close relative peach. If you want it to grow healthy, grow it in sandy, clayey, gravelly, quickly warming soils like peaches.

The best time for planting is autumn months. Just like peaches, you can plant it in spring in areas where the winter is cold. It wants to be pruned more than other fruit trees. This is because the fruits are formed on one year old branches. If you want to be able to get fruit regularly every year, annual shoots need to be in sufficient quantity each year, it is up to you to extend the life of your tree with good pruning and fertilization. It is a fruit that can adapt to different climatic conditions. Low winter temperatures and late spring frosts are among the obstacles you may encounter while growing nectarine. It is an early blooming fruit type. They can be highly affected by the late frosts of spring that occur after the flowers open. In regions with low summer temperatures, fruit ripening may be delayed and fruit quality decreases.