Mandarins in bulk in Premium Group

Turkish fruits, including mandarin, are appreciated all over the world. They have a rich taste and aroma. The strong aroma of mandarin fruit differs it from other citrus fruits, and the pulp is usually sweeter than the pulp of an orange.

Premium Group is a reliable supplier of tangerines. The company works with partners from Dubai, Bulgaria, Romania, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Macedonia. All year round, it provides fruit supplies to its customers.

What does the Premium group company offer?

The company offers several varieties of tangerines. Each variety differs in taste, aroma, color and size. But the company takes only fresh fruit, so the quality always remains at the highest level.

Let’s talk about the varieties we have and can offer you.


Season: September 20 – end of October

Sweet. Easy to clean. Red. Without a bone. 10-15 days on the road. 10-15 on the shelf.

Juiciness: 48%

Fruit diameter: 70-80mm

Fruit weight: 180-190g


Season: September 20 – end of October

Yellow. Sour. With bones. Thin-skinned. It is easy to clean.

Juiciness: 54%

Fruit diameter: 60-80mm

Fruit weight: 120-190g

Dobashi beni

Season: early October – late December

Red. Very sweet. Without a bone.

Juiciness: 53%

Fruit diameter: 60-80mm

Fruit weight: 160-180g


Season: early October – late December

Thin-skinned. Yellow. Sweet. Without a bone. The cheapest.

Juiciness: 53%

Fruit diameter: 50-70mm

Fruit weight: 140-160g


Season: early December – late January

Thick-chested. The most persistent. It’s hard to clean. Hybrid. Rarely come across bones.

Juiciness: 42%

Fruit diameter: 56-74mm

Fruit weight: 140-170g


Season: in early December – late January

= Nova. With bones.

Juiciness: 44%

Fruit diameter: 56-74mm

Fruit weight: 140-170g

W. Murcott

Season: December 20 – end of March

The best mandarin. Easy to clean. The most persistent. Flattened. Sweet. Smooth peel. Expensive.

Juiciness: 45%

Fruit diameter: 40-60mm

Fruit weight: 130-150g


Season: from January to February

Small. With bones. Red. Unstable. Cheap.

Juiciness: 48%

Fruit diameter: 50-70mm

Fruit weight: 150-170g


Season: from February to March

Hybrid. It happens to be large. For juice. Unstable. Hard to clean. The taste is for an amateur.

Juiciness: 51%

Fruit diameter: 40-60mm

Fruit weight: 140-160g

Why choose Premium Group

Premium Group sells fresh mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, sweet cherries, strawberries, pomegranates, peppers and many other fruits and vegetables in bulk.

We pay special attention to the quality of the delivered goods, as we understand that the success of the development of both our and your business depends on it. By selling wholesale fresh  mandarins to many countries of the world, we are ready to guarantee customers compliance with the requirements of storage and transportation of their chosen assortment.

The company not only supplies fresh and delicious fruits, but also helps business partners abroad. A team of professionals is ready to assist in such matters as:

  • Logistics (The company is not engaged in deliveries, but is ready to help find someone who will deliver the cargo);
  • Customs clearance;
  • Accommodation;
  • Export and import.

The company works with several principles in mind:

  • Constant communication with partners to share ideas and relevant information;
  • Implementation of feedback to understand how to build work with a specific partner;
  • Regularly ask questions and look for answers to build a further work plan;
  • Control of every aspect of the work.

You can buy mandarins in bulk in the Premium Group company. The price depends on several factors. For example, they take into account the variety, quantity and other characteristics. You can see the price list here.