Lemons in bulk in Premium Group

Lemons – the fruit which you use in many dishes. It’s a wide variety of salads with lemon juice: it’s a fish or pork, which you serve with a piece of lemon, different pies, cocktails, lemonades, even limoncello and many many others. So if you want to buy fresh lemons – Premium Group is the best way to do this.

What does the Premium group company offer?

We offer you to buy the best varieties of lemon in bulk for the smart price. Let’s talk about the varieties we have and can offer you.


Juiciness: 41%. Fruit size: 50-65 mm. Fruit weight: 100-150 g. Season: from the 1st of September to December. Meyer is a thin-skinned hybrid with orange (soft). Can be transported up to 10 days. It is not advisable to change the temperature on the way.  Shelf life – 10 days. This sort isn’t large with yellow color. By the end of the season the color changes to orange because of overripe. The taste is sweeter than sour. Meyer trees were discovered in China in 1908.


Juiciness: 42%. Fruit size: 60-90 mm. Fruit weight: 120-200 g. Season: from the 20th of September to January. Interdonato is sour thick-skinned lemon. Not a hybrid. Can be transported for 15-20 days. Shelf life – 10-15 days. This sort is bigger than Meyer. It has been growing in Turkey since 1936. It is more resistant to fever (phoma tracheiphila) disease than other lemon varieties.


Juiciness: 35%. Fruit size: 70-130 mm. Fruit weight: 140-300 g. Season: from December to May. It’s the best and most popular lemon variety. Not a hybrid. Can be transported for 20-25 days. Shelf life – 10-15 days. Lamas are the largest sort.

All these 3 varieties are very popular and are characterized by excellent quality. Also they are good for transportation to other countries.

Some informations about us

If you want to make an order and buy lemons in bulk you can easily call us or write online. We can also offer you strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, pomegranates, cucumbers, grapes and more. Our company has been operating since 2017. Our principles of work are to understand, listen to every client, control the situation, make immediate decisions and create better relationships for future deals. So we have many buyers from different countries such as Dubai, Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, Montenegro, Macedonia and others. We sell fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk from Turkey to different countries in the world. Our fruits and vegetables have the best quality because in Turkey there are a lot of sun and sunny days and suitable humidity for growing fruits. Gardens are watered several times a day. So Turkish fruits have the best indicators of taste, color and smell.

How does it work?

Fruits from the organic garden are sent to the factory. At the factory we select the best and pack them under our own brand. After that we ship products to suppliers. Your company doesn’t have own cars to transport. But we know reliable delivery companies and can recommend them to you. We value every client and make the best offer on the market for buying vegetables and fruits including fresh organic lemons.

If you have any questions, want to contact us or get acquainted with the price list. Hope to cooperate soon.