Grapefruits in bulk in Premium Group

Turkish fruits are famous all over the world for their juiciness and bright taste. In addition, fruit is a very specific product and if you order it online without seeing product samples, there is always a risk of receiving a batch of tasteless or low-quality fruit. The best option to order grapefruits from Turkey is to contact specialists who will check the quality of the fruit on the spot and ship you guaranteed fresh and high-quality goods.

We offer the best fresh grapefruits in bulk from the manufacturer

We constantly monitor the market, checking the quality of fruits and vegetables and offer the best varieties of grapefruits that can only be found in sunny Turkish gardens: Marsh Seedless, Star Ruby and Rio Red.

Marsh Seedless

Fragrant and juicy grapefruit, with yellow skin and flesh. There are practically no seeds (or they contain a minimal amount). The fruits are round or slightly flattened at the poles. Fruit juiciness – 43%, average fruit size – 70-110 mm, weight – about 220-300 grams. The growing season is from early October to late February. The variety is very thermophilic and can grow only in hot countries. Grapefruit varieties Marsh Seedless can spend 10 to 15 days on the road, and the same period they are given for subsequent storage.

Star Ruby

The peel of this small but very tasty grapefruit is slightly lighter than that of the Rubired variety. The aroma is delicate, pronounced, the taste is peculiar, slightly bitter and the juiciness is 53%. The average size of one fruit is from 80 to 130 mm, weight – from 250 to 350 gr. The fruit is thermophilic and can only grow in countries with a hot climate.

Rio Red

A late grapefruit variety with very red flesh, yellowish skin with a red blush and a pronounced taste. The fruit growing season is from late October to early March. The juiciness of Rio Red grapefruits is much higher than the average and is 48%. The average size of one fruit is from 70 to 110 mm, weight – from 200 to 280 grams.

If you want to know more about the features, shelf life and taste of each of the types of grapefruits – just contact us and our experts will advise you on any issue. If you are interested in bulk purchases of other fruits and vegetables from sunny Turkey, also send us a request and we will try to help you.

About company in a short

The Premium Group company has been operating since 2017. We help sell fresh grapefruits in bulk from Turkey to different countries and help our customers to get products directly from Turkish producers at the lowest prices.

How we are working

  • At the first stage, we discuss with the client who wants to buy grapefruit in bulk, all the details of his task and select the best ways to solve it.
  • Next, we negotiate with producers of agricultural products.
  • We send fresh fruits directly from the orchard, vegetable garden or greenhouse to the factory
  • At the factory, products are packaged under our brand.
  • As a last step, we select a transport company that will help you quickly, carefully and inexpensively deliver the goods from Turkey to the client’s address.
We work with customers from Dubai, Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, Montenegro, Macedonia and many other countries and cities. We value each client and individually approach the solution of any problem. You can check out the wholesale grapefruits price list here.