Cucumbers in bulk

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus), a type of plant from the family of cucurbitaceae (Cucurbitaceae) and the name given to its fruit. The homeland of the plant, which is thought to be Northern India, has been widely cultivated since ancient times. It contains vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, and phosphorus, iron, sulfur, manganese and protein.

Cucumbers have a slender and gnarled body, five-pointed or 3-5-lobed hairy leaves, and monosexual yellow flowers that emerge from the seat of the leaves. Its elongated and cylindrical fruits, sometimes covered with a thorny, bright green shell, contain numerous seeds.

This plant grows in all climates but cannot grow in tundra. This water-loving plant does not grow in arid areas. Agriculture is common in the inner Anatolia. Productivity is increased with the use of fertilizers. It is the easiest type to use pesticides.

Benefits of Cucumber: Diuretic and blood cleanser. It softens the intestines and relieves constipation. Hemorrhoids are good. It cuts the heat. It calms the nerves. It relieves fatigue. It relieves rheumatism pain. It is good for insomnia. Cucumber, which lowers cholesterol, protects the body against cardiovascular diseases. It increases the body’s resistance to infections. It is useful in kidney diseases, intestinal inflammation and gout. It helps sweat glands to work healthy.

How to Use Cucumbers? Cucumbers are eaten fresh, boiled or pickled. When eaten with its peel, its nutritional values ​​are preserved. In addition, cucumbers are often used for skin care and cleansing. If the cucumber is sliced ​​and put on the skin, it softens and moisturizes the skin. It removes itching, wrinkles, acne and blemishes on the skin. For freckles, it is beneficial if the cucumber is cut into cold milk and this mixture is continued to be applied to the face.