Apricots in bulk

APRICOT, (Lat. Prunus armeniaca). A tree and its fruit from the Prunoideae subfamily of the Dicots class, the Rosaceae family. It has a tree of 4-6 meters tall. The branches are upright and wide, the leaves are heart-shaped oval, the flowers are pinkish white and quite large.

Flowering occurs without foliation. The fruit is fleshy, less juicy, sweet and fragrant. The inside of the core can also be eaten. It is a durable, fruitful fruit tree that is easy to dry. Likes calcareous soils. The fruit contains plenty of sugar, vitamin C and A provitamin. In Turkey, the main varieties grown: Şekerpare, Damascus, Tokaloğl of İmrahor, Muhittinbey, Hacıkız is Hasanbey and Darende.