Apples in bulk

It is a tree from the Rosaceae family of the dicotyledonous plant class and the fruit of the same name. It originates in West Asia and has spread to the Mediterranean and Western European countries from there. It grows in every country with a temperate climate and can withstand -30 ° C cold. Although it likes very sandy and very dry soils, it is not affected by soil type. The tree is similar to plum and pear trees, it blooms without leaves like them, the bark is brownish gray. Its leaves are oval-shaped, with serrated edges; petioles are short and slightly hairy, leaves in May. The inner surface of the flowers is white and the outer surface is pink in color. It has five green sepals and five petals. There are many male organs, a five-neck female organ.

Apple fruit is a foreign fruit formed by the effect of the flower table. The actual fruit is surrounded by a cartilaginous membrane in the middle. Its fruit consists of five separate hard compartments, each of which has two seeds (seeds); The skin may be bright red, yellow or green in color. In its very popular fruit due to its sweet and sour taste; It has sugar, protein, metal salts, vitamins B and C, 100 grams gives 47 calories. The most well-known varieties of this fruit, which are divided into two as summer and autumn apples according to their maturation periods in our country, are Star King, Golden Delicious foreign-origin cultivated apples, Misket, Sapanca, Demirelma, Amasya, Gümüşhane, Van and Kırşehir apples.