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It is a variety originating in Spain. It occurred with an eye mutation. It forms a spherical shaped and dense crown. Its trees are medium in size. Fruits are round, shell is slightly rough and medium in thickness. Fruit flesh quality is high. The juice content is 45% and the sugar ratio is balanced. It is a variety for both table and industry (juicing). Its efficiency is regular. And ecology doesn’t choose. It can be grown economically in a wide range from cold subtropical to desert climate. It is a late variety. There are clones bred in the world. The most important of these are Olinda, Frost, Campbell, Cutter, Midknight and Delta.

Origin: Spain
Year of Detection: 1860
Fruit Shell: Yellow Orange-orange color, slightly rough
Fruit Meat: Yellow Orange-orange color
Fruit Shape: Flat-round, slightly oval
Fruit Diameter: 65-70 mm
Fruit Weight: 160-165 gr
Flesh of the Shell: Medium
Juice amount: 45.91%
Core Quantity: Close to seedless
Puffing: No
Ripening / Harvesting Period: February / March / April
Periodic: Has a tendency.