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It is one of the important navel orange varieties of Japan and California. Fukumoto reaches legal maturity three to four weeks before Washington Navel and takes its color early. One of the most important features of Fukumoto is its dark reddish skin color.
Rootstock: Citrus
The width of the fruit: 86.26 mm.
Fruit size: 88.61 mm.
Fruit index: 0.97.
Fruit shell thickness: 8.14 mm.
Number of slices (pieces / fruit): 10.02.
Number of seeds (pieces / fruit): 0.
SOLUTION (%): 10.
Titratable acid ratio (%): 0.86.
SÇKM / Acid ratio: 11.63.
Fruit weight (g): 336.
Juice amount: 46.3.
Harvest months: October / November / December.