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It is a tree from the pomegranate family. The flowers are large, bright red, with four corners and sometimes thorns. The fruit of this tree with a round shape, covered with a hard shell, with a bowl on the top, numerous side by side, red or yellow, juicy fruits is called “pomegranate”.

Pomegranate is a plant that generally grows in hot countries. In the wild, it is mostly found in West Asia, Northwest India. Wild pomegranate is different from the specially grown pomegranate plant. It is similar to a heather in terms of external appearance. However, specially grown pomegranates grow tall like trees and can rise up to 4.5-5 meters.

Pomegranate is eaten as a fruit in our country and its juice is drunk. They also made wine from pomegranate in Iran. Furthermore, in some countries, pomegranate is used in various trade areas. For example, it has an important benefit in tanning leather. In addition, tannin obtained from pomegranate peel is used in the production of some medicines.

Pomegranate is a food that people have known and ate since ancient times. Even, his paintings were found in the Temple of Solomon.

Pomegranate families. It is a small plant family that includes dicots, pomegranate varieties.