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Its trees are strong. It is one of the earliest varieties of mandarins. Fruits are quite large and flat. It is seedless, easily peeled and sweet. Planting of Okitsu as early Satsuma has increased. It is 2 weeks earlier than Satsuma. It is suitable for storage.

Rootstock: Citrus
Fruit width: 75.79 mm
Fruit size: 69.88 mm
Fruit index: 1.08
Fruit shell thickness: 4.85 mm
Number of slices (piece / fruit): 10.6
Number of seeds (piece / fruit): 0
SSC (%): 7.4
Titratable acid rate (%): 0.72
SÇKM / Acid ratio: 10.28
Fruit weight: 182.8
juice amount: 53.12
Harvest months: October / November