Its trees are large, strong and shiny leaves. It is a very large and delicious fruit with high quality flesh. The skin is tightly attached to the fruit flesh. The number of seeds varies depending on fertilization. It is a very productive variety. It is harvested in November-December.

Rootstock: Citrus
Fruit width: 59.31 mm
Fruit size: 57.62 mm
Fruit index: 1.03
Fruit shell thickness: 5.19 mm
Number of slices (pieces / fruit): 10
Number of seeds (piece / fruit): 4
SÇKM (%): 8
Titratable acid rate (%): 2.11
SÇKM / Acid ratio: 3.79
Fruit weight: 101.6
juice amount: 44.09
Harvest months: November-December