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Inpage community enrichment planting trees were discovered in China in 1908. Fruits are large, round and have a small breast. The peel is smooth, yellow in color and thin. The flesh is dark yellow, juicy and crispy. Its acid content is very low compared to lemons.

It grows in the early season. Harvest months: September-December Rootstock: Turunç
Fruit width: 51.84 mm
Fruit size: 65.18 mm
Fruit index: 0.79
Fruit shell thickness: 3.35 mm
Number of slices (piece / fruit): 9.2
Number of seeds (piece / fruit): 5
SÇKM (%): 8
Titratable acid rate (%): 6.22
SÇKM / Acid ratio: 1.29
Fruit weight (gr): 88
Juice amount: 40.9
Harvest months: September / October / November / December