Marsh Seedless
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Marsh Seedless

Marsh Seedless was first discovered in Florida and named in 1892. It is the best and most well-known variety in the world market. Its fruit stays on the tree for a long time and is suitable for storage. Its fruit is very large, smooth and flat; The peel is bright light yellow, smooth, easy to peel, flesh is light ivory, large cells, juicy, aroma. The tree grows strong, bears fruit early and is very productive. It is harvested in mid-January and early March.

Rootstock: citrus
Fruit width: 85.53 mm
Fruit size: 73.93 mm
Fruit index: 1.16
Fruit shell thickness: 10.53 mm
Number of slices (pieces / fruit): 12.5
Number of seeds (piece / fruit): 1.8
SÇKM (%): 11
Titratable acid rate (%): 1.95
SÇKM / Acid ratio: 5.84
Fruit weight (g): 268.4
Juice amount: 43.3
Harvest time: December / January / February / March